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P&B’s retrofits have been installed in the majority of coal-fired power stations in the UK, as well as several nuclear power stations, distribution networks and industrial sites.

Through their partnership with GFF, P&B have expanded their global presence to Australia and New Zealand in recent years, addressing local client needs in both the industrial and utility sectors.

P&B’s international customers include a long list of prestigious organisations including generation and distribution companies such as British Energy, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy, CS Energy, Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, and a plethora of industrial companies including the likes of BOC, Glencore, Bluescope Steel, ExxonMobil, Rio Tinto, and Shell.


About P&B Switchgear

Since 1991, P&B have become a market leader by designing, type testing and building many medium-voltage vacuum breaker designs. These are used to retrofit and replace air or oil break circuit breakers manufactured by a range of well-known UK OEMs.

P&B have built a portfolio of products based on a high level of engineering expertise and significant investment. P&B have allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds towards type testing, to ensure P&B Switchgear designs are fully proven for the ratings covered.

P&B Divisions

The PBSI Group includes both relay and switchgear divisions, offering a range of complementary products.


Retrofit Circuit Breakers

P&B have retrofitted a wide range of circuit breakers, from 415V to 11kV air break, bulk oil and vacuum designs for a large number of well-known OEMs. This includes AEI, Brush, English Electric, Ferguson Pailin, GEC, South Wales Switchgear, Reyrolle and Whipp & Bourne.



P&B offer two types of Vacuum Oil Replacement breaker to replace bulk oil and vertically isolated vacuum breakers. Their VOR-S typically incorporates an ABB VD4 spring-operated vacuum circuit breaker. For customers who prefer an alternative to the spring mechanism, GFF and P&B can offer the VOR-M breaker, which utilises ABB’s proven embedded vacuum interrupter poles, driven by a high-duty and reliable magnetic actuator.

An extensive range of type tests have been performed in independent, accredited laboratories, to validate the integrity of each retrofit design.

Some of the benefits of using retrofit switchgear include:

Benefits over replacing complete Switchboards include:

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