Retrofit Protection Relays FAQ

What are the benefits of a retrofit relay?

There are many reasons to consider retrofit relay replacements:

  • Functionally superior relaying devices
  • Same form, function & fit (no wiring changes, panel modification or drawing updates)
  • Reduce replacement time and cost
  • Provide means to inherit modern technology
  • Improved functionality and reliability
  • Provide improved forward support and serviceability

What specific advancements do the retrofits have which legacy counterparts do not?

  • Optional smart card for parameter storage
  • Graphical LCD
  • Higher specification electronics
  • Increased immunity to EMI
  • Increased analogue and measurement accuracy/resolution/range
  • Improved MTBF
  • 20+ year designed life
  • Designed for high ambient temp conditions
  • Improved protection and control functions
  • Improved historical event recording & aid to fault finding
  • Multiple interface/protocols for data integration

The protection relay we have installed is not listed; can P&B produce a retrofit?

As mentioned on the product page, P&B’s range is constantly expanding and they have the technical facilities and expertise to take on development of new retrofits regularly, if one does not exist already.

To enquire about retrofitting your model of protection relay, send us an email at Equipment ratings, dimensional measurements and images of the relays are helpful in identifying your design and comparing it to existing retrofits.

Would I also need to replace my existing current transformers?

Probably not. The existing current transformers would not require replacement as the new protection relay can be matched with reference to the secondary rating of the existing CTs.

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