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GFF Power partners with J.Scheider Elektrotechnik of Germany to offer their revolutionary Ultra-Capacitor Voltage Stabilisers (UCVS). Working in conjunction with a complimentary power supply, the UCVS uses a modular energy storage and inverter system to reliably supply energy in peak power demand conditions and power outage scenarios. The UCVS helps to ensure the safe and continued operation of critical functions, whilst also minimising operational loss in the event of a power failure.

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik are a company who pride themselves on the quality of the equipment they produce and, as such, their product’s performance and service life is without equal.


Technical Comparison

Technical Comparison


Below are examples of industries in which the UCVS can increase productivity, reduce downtime and raise overall manufacturing quality to minimize total cost of ownership.

Semiconductor Manufacturing, Test Benches and Assembly Lines

Numerous UCVS systems have been installed globally, allowing electrical component production lines to run 24/7 and meet today’s demand.


The UCVS guards leading medical manufacturers against power outages, voltage dips and other electrical noise.

Data Centres

UCVS systems are used to protect data centres and servers against voltage drops and surges.

Paper Industry

A voltage dip of less than one second can cause system failures which hinder production at great cost; the UCVS offers immense financial benefits in this area after only a few operations.

High-Speed Packaging Lines

The UCVS shields high-speed packaging lines against potentially disastrous voltage fluctuations worldwide.

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