South Wales Switchgear Retrofit Circuit Breakers

The Retrofit Process

The presence of aging switchgear like the South Wales C4X and D4X circuit breakers can result in issues with regards to reliability of equipment and the safety of operators. GFF Power and P&B can offer a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to replacing or re-wiring entire panels for brand new switchgear.

Retrofit Process for South Wales Switchgear D4XD

Client's Existing Unit

South Wales Switchgear C4X D4X Circuit Breaker

Photographs are taken and scanning conducted at client’s premises

South Wales Switchgear C4X D4X Circuit Breaker

These scans are used to develop a 3D model of the existing circuit breaker

P&B South Wales Switchgear C4X D4X Retrofit Circuit Breaker

P&B use the millimetre accurate scan of the existing unit to create a 3D model of their retrofit design to match all key connection points

P&B South Wales Switchgear C4X D4X Retrofit Circuit Breaker

P&B use this model as the basis to manufacture their retrofit circuit breaker to fit the client’s existing panel precisely

GFF Power partner with UK-based manufacturer, P&B. Operating out of their Manchester facility, P&B have been providing solutions for this worldwide problem for over 25 years and are global leaders in retrofit replacements for aging switchgear.

As a British company, P&B have done extensive work within the United Kingdom where South Wales Switchgear (SWS), has been one of the most common historical manufacturers of switchgear (including many installations of their C4X and D4X circuit breaker models). With this being the case, it is no surprise that P&B are always confident in approaching South Wales Switchgear retrofit projects – even for models manufactured in Australia.

Innovative Design and Modelling Techniques

P&B have honed their retrofit methodology through experience and now make use of innovative design and modelling techniques to ensure absolute client satisfaction when the final product arrives on site. This process includes 3D laser scanning and scan compilation for comparison with existing breakers (to ensure that any new retrofit is able to slot into existing panels seamlessly). The result of this is a refined and modern replacement circuit breaker.

Typically, P&B’s South Wales Switchgear breaker retrofit designs are suitable for the following ratings and models:


3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 12kV


400A, 630A, 800A, 1250A and 2000A

Fault rating:

20kA, 25kA, 31.5kA


75kV or 95kV

Available South Wales Switchgear Models:

C4X, C8X, C12X, D4X, D8X, D12X – LP & HP, SBB, DBB, HG12

P&B regularly undertake design work to increase this range – please contact us with your requirements to discuss the possibilities for retrofit of your South Wales Switchgear circuit breaker.

For more information on the above, see our main Switchgear Retrofits page.

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