Retrofit Switchgear

Retrofit Switchgear
P&B has been designing, manufacturing and installing vacuum retrofit circuit breakers (and conducting switchgear refurbishments) for more than 25 years and is considered a global market leader in this specialist field.

Through their extensive experience, P&B have developed methods to combat aging equipment by utilising modern manufacturing methods, paired with cutting edge 3D laser scanning techniques as demonstrated in the video below.

Benefits of Retrofit Circuit Breakers:

  • Increased operating reliability and safety
  • Enhanced short circuit ratings available
  • Reduced maintenance and environmental impact
  • Elimination of hazardous materials such as asbestos
  • Decreased insurance costs due to absence of oil
  • Service life can be extended by up to 30 years

Benefits Over Replacing Complete Switchboards:

  • Significant overall cost saving
  • Minimal disruption to site and supply
  • No need to disturb or replace HV cables



Typically, P&B’s range covers these ratings:

Voltage: 12kV

Current: 400A, 630A, 800A, 1250A and 2000A

Fault rating: 20kA, 25kA, 31.5kA and 40kA

BIL: 75kV or 95kV


The following designs are available (additional options may be achievable):

English Electric / GEC: OLX, OLX3



South Wales Switchgear: C4X, C8X, C12X, D4X, D8X, D12X – LP & HP, SBB, DBB, HG12

Brush / Hawker Siddeley Switchgear: VSI (R4 & R8 etc.), VMV, VMH

S&C: A4, A6, UAE4, UAE6

Reyrolle: LMT, LMT2, LMT23, LSR, L* variants.

BTH: JB721 (QA / QF)

Statter: AC01


GFF Power also offers retrofit contactor solutions from P&B as well as an extensive range of Retrofit Instrument Transformers from Transmag, including indoor & outdoor current and voltage transformers.


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