Retrofit Instrument Transformers

Instrument TransformersRetrofit Instrument Transformers
Through partnership with Transmag (UK), GFF Power is able to offer an extensive range of indoor & outdoor current and voltage transformers.

For indoor switchboards, Transmag supply both IEC and BS designs, with particular emphasis on old medium-voltage switchboards covering:

  • Three phase & single phase voltage transformers
  • Single phase cast resin current transformers
  • Three Phase current transformers also available

For outdoor switchyards, Transmag are often able to offer a like-for-like replacement for both voltage and current transformers, either to IEC or BS, with oil or cast resin insulation. This can remove the need to replace existing metal structures.


Indoor Retrofit Instrument Transformers:

(range extends beyond below examples)

Ratings: 3.3kV – 11kV

Replacement designs for:

  • GEC: VMX, OLX, OLX3 and BVP
  • Brush: VSI
  • Reyrolle: LMT, LMT2


Outdoor Retrofit Instrument Transformers:

Ratings: 11kV – 33kV

Insulation: Oil-filled and cast resin

Configuration: Single phase and three phase

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