Retrofit Protection Relays

Retrofit Protection Relays
P&B have created pin-for-pin directly and backwardly compatible modern relays for motor overload, transformer feeder and generator protection relays. This means that the planning stages for equipment selection and approval are reduced significantly and the physical installation time is now minutes rather than days.

This also allows a directly compatible product to be used for rapid replacement in instances of breakdown or equipment failure.

Moreover, by installing a P&B retrofit you can gain access to the reliability and information-tracking capabilities of modern relays with minimal on-site work required.

Advantages of P&B retrofit replacement protection relays:

  • Functionally superior relaying devices
  • Same form, function & fit (no wiring changes, panel modification or drawing updates)
  • Reduce replacement time and cost
  • Provide means to inherit modern technology
  • Improved functionality and reliability
  • Provide improved forward support and serviceability

Enhancements in product design:

  • Optional smart card for parameter storage
  • Graphical LCD
  • Higher specification electronics
  • Increased immunity to EMI
  • Increased analogue and measurement accuracy/resolution/range
  • Improved MTBF
  • 20+ year designed life
  • Designed for high ambient temp conditions
  • Improved protection and control functions
  • Improved historical event recording to aid fault finding and analysis
  • Multiple interface/protocols for data integration


Retrofit range:

P&B have an extensive and ever-growing range of pin-for-pin retrofit relay solutions. These cover all of P&B’s legacy relays and extend to other manufacturers including:

Further details:

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