Shemar Power equipment undergoes stringent testing both during manufacture and prior to despatch to ensure consistently high-quality products.

Shemar Power composite insulators are superior to traditional porcelain in the following areas:

  • Anti-flashover – no pollution, rain or icing flashover.
  • No rupture – anti-seismic properties and simpler transportation.
  • Light weight – reduced transportation and installation effort and cost.
  • Cost saving – Shemar’s proprietary HTV (High Temperature Vulcanisation) silicone housing does not require cleaning due to its excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity transferring properties.
  • Easy to repair if damaged.
  • Environmentally friendly – the raw material of porcelain is not recyclable.

Product range:

Substation Insulators:

33V to 1100kV

Line Insulators:

33kV to 1100kV



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