Instrument Transformers

Instrument Transformers
Through its partnership with Arteche, GFF Power supplies an extensive range of oil-paper, SF6 gas and cast resin instrument transformers.

Arteche instrument transformers have been installed in over 150 countries, including large portions of Australia. They are manufactured and tested to the most stringent requirements to ensure consistent quality products for maximum customer satisfaction.


Product range:


Current Transformers: 36kV to 800kV

Voltage Transformers: 36kV to 550kV

Power Voltage Transformers: 72.5kV to 550kV



Current Transformers: 145kV to 300kV


Cast Resin:

Current Transformers: 3.6kV to 72.5kV

Voltage Transformers: 7.2kV to 72.5kV





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