GEC CDG/CAG Relay Retrofits

GEC CDG/CAG Relay Retrofits

To address the ever-growing challenges associated with ageing on-site equipment, P&B have utilised their cutting-edge modern production capabilities to connect current generation relays with legacy installations.

By following the retrofit pathway, users avoid the need for panel modifications, control circuit re-wiring, re-commissioning and updating of schematics. This approach provides operators with the increased functionality and stability connected to modern relays, whilst avoiding the significant disruptions associated with alternative options.

P&B’s CDG retrofit utilises the original relay chassis to create a pin-for-pin replacement for the electromechanical design. Solutions are available for a range of variations in the CDG product line.

This innovative process involves removing all electromechanical components and mounting the modern P&B protection relay to newly fitted stirrups. The terminals are then wired directly to the existing terminals of the chassis, as pictured below.

As part of P&B’s ongoing support of customers with ageing relays, P&B are regularly updating and increasing their range of retrofit solutions. Contact our team today to discuss your relay requirements.

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