GE Multilin Relay Retrofits

P&B Retrofit Solutions for GE Multilin

As protection relays come to the end of their lifecycle, they become increasingly challenging to maintain, especially as support from the original OEM may no longer be available. To address this ever-growing problem, GFF Power has proudly partnered with renowned UK manufacturer P&B to produce an extensive range of pin-for-pin retrofit solutions covering a range of relays including the GE Multilin MM2, Multilin 139, Multilin 239 and Multilin 269. Utilising the most modern relay development and production techniques, P&B design and manufacture directly compatible replacement options for the GE Multilin range (using the MotorVision relay platform).

P&B realise that receiving technical approvals and planning downtime can be extremely difficult when replacing a relay with a newer model, as this will typically involve panel modifications (e.g. changes to existing cut-out), control circuit re-wiring, re-commissioning and updating of schematics.

Backwards Compatibility

The directly and backwards compatible retrofit relays engineered by P&B, remove (or at the very least, drastically reduce) the need for this type of activity. The result is a rapid, pain-free replacement which removes risk and increases functionality and stability.

As the number of these ageing relays requiring support is constantly rising, P&B are regularly updating and increasing their range of retrofit solutions. There are currently in excess of 50 solutions available which include reliable retrofits for the GE Multilin MM2, Multilin 139, Multilin 239 and Multilin 269.

Introducing MotorVision 2

As seen in the photos above, the retrofits for the Multilin range incorporate P&B’s state-of-the-art MotorVision 2 protection relay. This relay has been developed specifically for the unique challenges posed by heavy industry applications such as mining, oil & gas and resource refinement.

If your business needs asssistance with retrofit solutions for any of the GE Multilin MM2, Multilin 139, Multilin 239 and Multilin 269, contact our team today.

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