English Electric/ GEC Switchgear Retrofit Circuit Breakers

The Retrofit Process

As oil-filled switchgear, such as the GEC OLX / OLX3 , ages and reaches the end of its product lifecycle, these circuit breakers can become a potential hazard to both switchgear operators and surrounding equipment.

Retrofit Process for GEC OLX3

Client's Existing Unit

GEC OLX3Circuit Breaker

Photographs are taken and scanning conducted at client’s premises

GEC OLX3Circuit Breaker

These scans are used to develop a 3D model of the existing circuit breaker

P&B GEC OLX3 Retrofit Circuit Breaker

P&B use the millimetre accurate scan of the existing unit to create a 3D model of their retrofit design to match all key connection points

P&B GEC OLX3 Retrofit Circuit Breaker

P&B use this model as the basis to manufacture their retrofit circuit breaker to fit the client’s existing panel precisely

GFF Power’s Retrofit Switchgear supply partner, P&B, have over 25 years of experience in this field and are considered an international authority when it comes to high quality retrofit circuit breaker design and manufacturing.

P&B’s retrofit designs for the GEC OLX range are all manufactured entirely in house at their facility in Manchester, UK. This gives them total quality control over every build so that they have the highest possible confidence that any model they manufacture will fit the client’s existing panel seamlessly. The result is a unit which can be installed and operational in a matter of hours rather than days, with no need for reconfiguration of panels or changes to high voltage wiring.

P&B’s Retrofit Methodology

This is further aided by P&B’s retrofit methodology, which has been repeatedly analysed and enhanced over the course of the many challenging projects they have taken on. The result is a highly optimised process which utilises the latest technological advances in laser scanning and 3D modelling, allowing P&B to create their millimetre-accurate retrofit circuit breaker designs.

Given the British origins of GEC and the OLX range, it is no surprise that P&B have a sound knowledge of English Electric/GEC circuit breakers and are consistently asked to design and manufacture retrofits for the English Electric OLX range (OLX, OLX2 and OLX3). Their experience with this OEM includes original units designed, manufactured and installed in the UK, Australia and various other parts of the world.

P&B have existing retrofit designs for the following specific models and ratings of English Electric/GEC Switchgear:


3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV and 12kV


400A, 630A, 800A, 1250A and 2000A

Fault rating:

20kA, 25kA, 31.5kA


75kV or 95kV

Available English Electric/GEC Models:


P&B’s range is regularly being updated as they rise to new challenges – if you are interested in retrofit options for an English Electric OLX / GEC OLX circuit breaker, please contact us with your requirements to discuss retrofit possibilities.

For more information on the above GEC OLX retrofit solutions, see our main Switchgear Retrofits page.

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