Composite Crossarms

Composite Towers & Crossarms

The installation of revolutionary Shemar Power composite towers and crossarms provide the user with several key benefits including:

Improved safety:

Composite crossarms and towers significantly reduce the length of, or eliminate the need for, string insulators. Reducing the length of string insulators reduces the risk of flashover trip caused by wind. Composite towers and crossarms also prevent pollution and humidity flashover, reduce icing and improve reliability of power supply.

Reduced corridor width:

The power transmission corridor width is significantly reduced as string insulators are not needed. This removes the risk of wind swing which in turn lowers the amount of land required.

Reduced tower height:

The overall height requirement for transmission towers is reduced with the need for string insulators removed.

Shemar Power equipment undergoes stringent testing both during manufacturing and prior to despatch to ensure consistent quality products.



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