MCGG Retrofit (Overcurrent & Earth Fault)

MCGG Retrofits

Using their vision platform, P&B have designed retrofit replacements with the end user in mind. P&B’s continued retrofit programme and development has provided solutions utilising the 100 series, 150 series and 200 series draw out relays to combat product obsolescence.

P&B can provide direct plug in replacements for the varied MCGG relay types; The P&B midos connector is compatible to the GEC type and allows the existing case to be reused, without the need to disturb the external control wiring, a direct and fast fit solution, minimalizing the downtime during on site installation.

100 Series Retrofit

MCGG22, 11

P&B GEC MCGG Relay Retrofit

150 Series Retrofit

MCGG42, 62 & 63

P&B GEC MCGG Relay Retrofit

200 Series Retrofit

MCGG51, 52, 53 & 82

P&B GEC MCGG Relay Retrofit

Advantages of retrofit:

  • Functionally equivalent relaying devices
  • Same form, function & fit
  • Reduce replacement time and cost
  • Provide means to inherit modern relaying technology•Improved functionality and reliability
  • Provide improved forward support and serviceability
  • Multiple interface/protocols for data integration

Enhancement in product design:

  • Graphical LCD
  • Higher specification electronics
  • Increased immunity to emi
  • Increased analogue and measurement accuracy/resolution/range
  • Improved MTBF
  • 20+ year designed life
  • Designed for high ambient temp conditions
  • Improved protection and control functions
  • Improved historical event recording & aid to fault finding

All P&B retrofit relays can be easily programmed via the relay keypad or with our Vision Control Software.

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